What Sort of Air-Conditioner Do I Need?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe. Do you know the answer? Maybe not. Now is the time to find out.

At AIMQ, we tend to use one of 2 main types of Air-Conditioning Systems – the Split System or the Ducted System. Both will cool you down but it is in the installation and design that the difference lies.

High Wall Split System

A split system is an Air-conditioning system that has the airconditioner evaporator mounted on the wall inside the house and the compressor and condenser unit located the exterior of the house. A split system is most commonly used to cool one room or area within the home and operates as a stand-alone Unit. The outlet inside of the house is often positioned high on the wall in the area that it services.

Ducted Split System

A ducted system is an Air-conditioning system that has a number of outlets placed throughout the home. The home is cooled by a series of ducts placed in the ceiling which are attached to one central indoor Unit. The outlets can be used independently of one another and are most often controlled by a central control device known as zones.

Which system is better?

That is entirely dependent on the style of your home, your cooling and heating needs and your budget. If you are looking at heating or cooling only one area or room of your home, a Split System Reverse Cycle would be the best system to choose. If, however, you want to have your whole home set to a constant temperature at the touch of a button, a Ducted System would be for you.

For more information on either a Split or Ducted system, or advice as to what best suits your needs, call us on (07) 4633 7382.