Save Money When Heating and Cooling Your Home

With today’s ever increasing electricity costs, any way to save power, no matter how minor, can make an impact.

Here are a few simple, easy to implement ideas that will help you save money on both your heating and cooling bills

1. Make sure your system is serviced on a regular basis. We recommend every 12 months, in either Autumn or Spring, to ensure you system is in peak operational condition before the extremes of temperatures arrive.

2. Make sure the air around your outside Units if free-flowing. This may mean removing or trimming plants and bushes, making sure that there is no mulch cover the Unit or that items have not be placed on or around the Unit.

3. Keep the blinds and curtains closed in those areas that are prone to heat or sunlight – particularly the western side of your home.

4. In summer, raise the pre-set temperature. Even a 1 degree increase in temperature can have a dramatic effect on your power bill.

5.Ensure you home is well insulated. It takes energy to only heat or cool your home but to keep it at that temperature. If your home is not insulated, your System will be working hard for longer to replace the warm/cool air that is being lost.

We hope these simple tips help you. If you would like more advice or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4633 7382.