The Risks of Big Box Retailers

We all know the feeling – it’s time to upgrade some of your household appliances but funds are tight. What do we do? We go to one of the ‘Big Box’ retailers to take advantage of their ‘Interest Free’ or ‘Low Deposit” special offers.

With Winter fast approaching, maybe you are looking at installing a Reverse Cycle System or maybe upgrading what you currently have. If this is the case, before you head off to a store that specialises in selling blenders and vacuums, stop and consider this.

Will the person you speak to in-store know what they are talking about? Will they be able to offer you all of the advice you may need? Can they REALLY answer your questions or are they just repeating a sales script back to you?

Home heating and cooling is a large investment that can not only make your life more comfortable, but add valuable equity to your home. Considering this, don’t you think it is worth speaking to an expert in Home Heating and Cooling?

“But I don’t have all of the cash right now”, I can hear you say. Guess what? NO PROBLEM. AIMQ will very soon be able to offer you a low deposit payment plan with NO INTEREST EVER! That’s right, you can get a similar deal to the others BUT with expert advice, expert installation and NO INTEREST EVER!

If this is something you would like to take advantage of, or, if you would just like some further information, please call us on (07) 4633 7382 so we can show you how simple it will be to stay toasty warm this winter.