Humidity Levels within your Home This Winter

Humidity can be a problem within your home no matter the time of year, but in Winter, humidity plays a vital role in your general health and well-being. If the humidity in your home is too low - this can lead to sore throats, cracked lips and dry skin. It can also affect your home and furniture too. Too little moisture in the air can cause timber to dry out and crack, paintwork to chip and can also play havoc with your electrical items.- High humidity can be just as damaging. Too much moisture in the air can cause condensation and mould issues to arise.

This can cause your insulation to become soggy and mould spots to appear on walls and ceilings. The ideal humidity level within your home should be around 45%. Under 30% and the air is dry and over 50% means the air contains too much moisture. Static electricity is a sure sign that the air in your home is too dry while condensation on your windows indicates the opposite. If you do find the humidity in your home is not quite right, try these simple tricks to balance things out:

Humidity too Low?

Try place damp towels or washing around the house to dry. This will help add extra moisture into the air and won’t cost you a cent. If you use a wood burner, leave a pot of water on the top. The evaporation of the water will increase humidity in a slow and manageable way. Invest in a humidifier. Run for short periods of time, this will add moisture to the air and allow you to control the humidity levels within your home.

Humidity too High?

Try using the exhaust fan while cooking. This will remove air effected by evaporation before condensation can occur. Open a bathroom window to allow for the steam to escape after a shower and for fresh, dry air to enter your home. Use a dehumidifier if the problem persists or mould is starting to appear. A small investment now will save not only repair bills down the track but also your health.

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