Multi-Head Air Conditioning System

In some premises a ducted system is not always the answer, due to limited roof space or other conditions it is not always feasible or practical to install a ducted system.

Multi air conditioning systems enable us to condition various rooms in a single location, with the one outdoor compressor. These systems are great for applications with limited roof space.

Multi systems work in the same way split system air conditioners do with the difference that a multi system uses two or more units inside that are connect to one outdoor compressor.

We do not recommend purchasing a multi head split system off the shelf, they need to be sized correctly to your home. An incorrectly sized system will result in excessive operating costs, poor operation and years of heartache.

Ask us for help to choose the right system for your premises on 07 4633 7382 or send your enquiry via our free consultation form to have a consultant design a solution to suit your application.