Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Many people now consider ducted air conditioning to be an important investment in their quality of life and an essential part of their building budget and process.

We're always available to assist you with your design and expectations to ensure a comfortable climate for you, your staff and your clients.

With an attractive and very functional outcome, ducted air is the preferred method of cooling and heating whole homes or large areas that can be split into zones which may be used at different times. Small and attractive outlets are the only visual sign of air conditioning - and the comfort levels are unbeatable. Ask anyone who has ducted air what they think!

Ducted air conditioning works by circulating air throughout the premises using insulated ducts which then distribute this air to rooms via ceiling vents. Air can be limited to various ‘zones’ so that only the parts of the home being used are air conditioned; therefore increasing efficiency and reducing running costs.

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